200% sure that all of my friend have secret meetings where they just talk about how annoying I am

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‘got herself pregnant’ is the dumbest phrase in the world like forreal if it was possible to get pregnant by ourselves we’d have eaten all the men long ago

it actually is possible to get pregnant (without the sperm of a man whatsoever) using bone marrow from another woman! a child conceived this way can only be female so actually, men are entirely useless. fun fact

let’s begin the feast (✿)



There are seriously tears in my eyes right now


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348,803 plays watching food fall to the floor


watching food fall to the floor

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No hell fire, the fable of Adam and Eve

This pope is seriously too cool.  I am not a religious person, not even a little bit, but I do love a lot of encompassing beliefs and ideologies of religion, especially on love and truth.

As a baptized catholic, what I don’t understand with the Catholic church is its resistance to change. Which in turn, makes me love Pope Francis, because keeps on dropping bombs of the most obvious “truths” that shouldn’t even be a question anymore.

End of serious rant.

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